The Giving Circle | A philanthropic reinvention of the 18th century literary salons

Why The Cornucopia Giving Circle?
Prospero World has always hosted events to bring to life the work of the fascinating, passionate, small charities that we are lucky enough to meet in our international field research. We found we could gather together an informal mix of philanthropists, artists, specialists of many kinds and of course NGO representatives, creating unique, informative and genuinely engaging evenings where research was presented, debate encouraged, friends were made, experiences shared and philanthropic support and interest was triggered.

The Cornucopia Giving Circle (formerly The Cornucopia Club) was set up in September 2012 as our natural response to requests for more of these evenings.

Our aim has been to reinvent the seventeenth and eighteenth century French literary and philosophical salons, with our own philanthropic spin.

We are inspired by the idea of addressing problems of our time through the exchange of cultural knowledge, by developing thoughts and challenging existing perspectives through the power of conversation. Accordingly, each Salon in our series is inspired by the remarkable individuals and organisations we meet along the way and the thoughts that are catalysed by the time they so freely give us.