Salons | Challenging existing perspectives through the power of conversation


 Inspired by 18th Century Literary salons, our carefully curated events are hosted in exceptional settings across London, turning private homes, galleries and work places into theatres of conversation and exchange, best described by our patron, Theodore Zeldin:

We are a club dedicated to surprise. We nourish conviviality. We give our members and guests the opportunity to meet those they do not know and talk about subjects they might never normally confront together….We cultivate the art of Conversation. We enjoy discussions in informal groups with people who have something important and unusual to say, but also one-to-one exchanges which allow us to get to know another person well. Instead of aimless chit-chat, we like combining our personal experience with that of others, so that we can advance beyond endlessly repeating the same opinions. We are constantly giving ourselves new and significant questions to think and talk about, but we value humour as well as learning. We aim to be useful in directing minds to many varied opportunities for helping those in need. Our goal is to expand the range and quality of philanthropic concern and charitable enterprise.”

Since its launch in September 2012, The Cornucopia Club has cultivated a reputation for its exceptional events. We curate each evening with great care to offer guests an experience that challenges not only the intellect but all the other senses, too.

With a broad focus on philanthropy, each Salon is hosted in a unique venue where members and guests gather to socialise and to hear from acclaimed speakers on a range of topical themes. Challenged and guided by our patron, those attending are encouraged to debate the issues of the evening and their wider relevance and to gather insights from each other.


I had the opportunity to speak at one of the events, on creativity and calculation (I'm a physicist). Rarely has an audience of mine locked horns as much as this one; towards the end of the Q&A I was so enthralled by the debate that I slipped away and watched the battle from the sidelines. Anyone hoping to bring together - for whatever reason - people to engage in thought whilst having a whale of time would be wise to learn Cornucopia's secrets”.
Thomas Fink, Physicist and Author