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Prospero World’s Cornucopia Giving Circle is open to all individuals with a committed interest in social enterprise, charities and philanthropy.

Prospero World is a UK registered charity committed to promoting positive social change through community-based activity and public education. We conduct in-depth research to identify outstanding charitable projects for support. Our field investigations have taken us throughout Europe, Africa, India, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Our Salons are an educational platform through which we showcase our research, and bring together philanthropists, charities and experts for stimulating talks, discussions, exhibitions and other cultural events.

As a charity, we are reliant on donations to support our work. Donations cover the time it takes to research, meet and write-up the new talents in the charity world, as well as to keep in touch with those we already work with.

If you would like more information about our work, to make a donation or to attend a salon please contact us 





“Prepare to expand your horizons in the company of the best minds from all areas of human endeavour. Nothing is static in the Cornucopia Club, even the venues change. I felt stimulated and challenged by the rich social discourse. You'll feel part of one of London's intellectual treasure troves.”
Dan Llywelyn-Hall, Artist